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“the Witch”

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“the Witch” is a gift from “the” for buying $50.00 of merchandise (not including shipping and tax).
It is a hookah attachment that you can take with you anywhere.
(see photo in previous post).
From what you can see in the photo, you get the metal shaft part of the hookah which has a shaft longer by far than a “mini” sized hookah, but the top where it is actually attached is much smaller than a mini. It comes with 2 grommets for different size bottles. (1) for beer, and wine bottles and (2) for a whiskey bottle which may have a bigger opening.
The cover attachment will fit all 3.
The bottom of the metal shaft goes well down into the bottle for good suction.Add the ceramic tobacco head.
All you add is the tobacco and aluminum foil.
Its great for on-the-go ready to smoke without the hassle of schlepping a glass bottle bowl that could break .You just toss the bottle when you are finished.
By the way..its very tasty smoking with wine 100% or dilluted in the bottle or beer. (With beer though, don’t fill it up as high since it makes bubbles when you suck air through it.
Comes with small diameter Syrian made hose that is very manuverable.
You CAN’T do this with a mini hookah shaft and top head since it will be too large in width for a beer or wine bottle and it’s bottom part of the shaft is extremely short.
I’d say that this is a great “give away”.
There are some companies who give away specials for buying a certain ammount of merchandise (it seems to me that about 10%-15% of them do) which is not so much.
We here at the Hookah Lounge org. blog would like to see more of this.

* It will benefit more the seller companies than the buyer themselves, but who are we to complain if we get a great give away like this!!!!!!!
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  • Beutiful idea. I’m going over to see this at their online site.

  • Mine tasted like huffing gasoline. Unusable for anyone who actually likes the taste of shisha tobacco.

    The real deal is at, fits on more bottles, built to be smoked. Its not for free, but what worth while is?

  • Hey Mon dat witch be baaad vudu. Drink em de wine an smoke em de bottle.
    Desomd Dekker

  • SOUNDs great! Where can I get one?

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