Tame your Shisha Tobacco

Upon recieving and opening your new pack of shisha you are not quite ready yet. Is been stored in “Mothballs” and must become “acclimatized” or ready for its new climate home.
Imagine the shisha being grown as tobacco in the Jordan valley, reaped and treated, mixed in flavurs, glycerine, honey or molasses (muasell) during the hot and dry summer months in Amman, Jordan, and stored, waiting for shipment to you in Minneapolis ,Minnesota.
Its October and raining outside in Minnesota and quite humid the air. As soon as you open your new box of shisha which was treated in hot , dry weather and it meets the humid air- it gets quite a shock. Now if you smoke this straight off, the shisha will taste quite bad. It must be left out 2,3,4 hours before using, so that should be done with all your new shisha. The urge to smoke might be great but its worth the wait. Spread the shisha around, mix it as the glycerine and honey juices have gone down to the bottom.
This is acclimatizing.
I can understand my wonder upon going to the 24/7 always open gigantic shisha store near Akko (ARC as in Joan) on the meditteranean sea, 8 kilometers east. They had double-apple all spread out in a gigantic pan and the Arabs were buying that, not the low priced boxed shisha.
I thought to myself back the around 5 years ago, “Wow, this shisha is drying out.” but the glycerine which is around 25% makeup of any shisha mix keeps it fresh and not drying. It could get rancid if you leave it out, or worse shock the mother out ofit by putting it into the refidgerator to store it.

that will really shock your shisha and make acclimatizing an almost impossible task.
Good luck
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