“Tell me it ain’t so Joe” !!!

After the 1924 World Series infamous Baseball scandal, when the Chicago BLACK STOCKINGS threw the game and lost on purpose because of pressure form the mob which was quite big in Chi-Town, Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel (a Brother M.O.T.) etc. Supposedly the legend goes, that a young boy ran up to the Chicago Black Stockings team leader and cried out in front of all the world-weary reporters…”Say it ain’t so, Joe”. (No answer but just a squint from his eyes).
NOW you know why the Chicago American Legue team is called the “Chicago WHITE Sox” It has nothing to do with race, creed or colour.
Crime was so big in the early 1920’s because of the law of Prohibition, not allowing the making, distilling and selling of any alcholic drinks to anyone. Some used wood alchohol and died, some made up batches in the bathtub to sell. The hillbillies hid their stills up in the ol hollers which is why they were doing lots of that, being away from main villages and towns. The “Revnooers” (Revenuers) were just like today’s plain clothed policemen who were doing their civil job looking for forbidden contraband.
1920’s. “The Roaring 20’s” and Chicago, not New York City was big in contraband since lots of legal liquor and spirits were comming from start-up small companies, based for obviously legal reasons in (Canada) ssshhhh which made fortunes overnight. (I won’t mention names, so that I won’t get sued, and secondly they are M.O.T.’s and thirdly, give lots of charity and help “good causes”. Boy did those Canadian companies make it big quick. And it seemed like the mobsters of Chicago cornered the market. Why? Chi-Town is on the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan, and the brew could be shipped from Lake Superior on the Canadian side down to Lake Michigan and Chicago resides on the lakefront. My matenal grandmother lived there, met her American husband, married (I hope) and my mother was born there. As I mentioned, the mob was very big in Chicago and had power over the police in many situations. Evidently they didn’t use this power over the police in all cases, as my mother’s father spent 5 years in prison taking the fall for a higher up or was given “an offer which he could not refuse”, whatever. Emes. True story.

So lets see some legal comments and reports on…your favourite legal eagle shisha brand!!!!

I’m not seeing too many comments on the “oh no, not again” post which is the renewed poll for favourite brand od shisha which you prefer, and your favourite flavour.
This could be mainly that you either love them all the big, the fat, and the small, or you never got around to actually smoking any shisha on the hookah you recieved for a birthday gift from your Auntie. It could be , no not lazy. Lets hear from you all and share your comments and good taste with our myriads of readers all over the hookah smoking world.

I remain yours, truly “Hookah 1 ” (stewing in a large vat of honey flavoured fruit preserves).

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