Don’t Bogart that HOSE, my friend

Here is old Humphrey Bogart ,”BOGARTing” that old cigarette, like some of us “Bogart” the hookah HOSE.

As we are told, its not “proper hookah ettiqutte” to Bogart the hose, take a toke or two and pass it over to me.

He is even on a…stamp.There’s one for your collection!!!!

Humphrey Bogart Z”L

“Don’t Bogart that Hose, my friend, pass it over to me”

“Hey, don’t Bogart Ya Chabibi”

And now I present you with the winning prize for being such a faithful reader —————————-

Can you see the hookah in this video?   THE SONG :

“Don’t Bogart my friend, pass it over to me”

“You don’t call me darling, darling, you never even call me by my name” D.A. COE written by Steve Goodman Z”L

Also singing again David Alan Coe : “Take this job and shove it”

More pithy philosophy by “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”

“Repression of the masses” by King Arthur

“Frontal Nudity”

“Romantic Film”

It gets better after this.

Film :”Life of Brian” song :”Always look on the bright side of life”

“The Lumberjack Song”

“The Galaxy Song”

1973 or so.One of my favourite country songs¬† “Mamma Hated Diesels So Bad” If you don’t give this song 27 seconds to try it out, then your a chump.

“Hot Rod Lincoln” also a classic¬† (funny) by Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen from a bit earlier album 1972?

So “don’t Bogart that HOSE my friend, pass it over to me”

Jack Nicholson Bogarts in “Easy Rider” Film 1969.The video ends (I’m happy to say, right before they get beat up with baseball bats while asleep.Whoever¬† uploaded the video gets¬† my thanks for that!)

Hookah 1 (simmering in a sauce of mushrooms and limburger cheese with diced onions and boiled borscht)

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  1. There is everything on this hookah forum! I just ain’t see’in all my comments published. What happened to my opinion on the (Not Again) best shisha brand and flavor poll?

  2. Good to see your post about “You Never Even Call Me by My Name” by Steve Goodman. He often doesn’t get his due. Thought you might be interested in an eight-year project of mine that has come to fruition — an 800-page biography of Goodman published in May, “Steve Goodman: Facing the Music.” The book delves into the background of “You Never Even Call Me by My Name” and debunks the notion that David Allan Coe had anything to do with instigating the classic final verse. Please check my Internet site below for more info on the book. Just trying to spread the word. Feel free to do the same!

    Clay Eals
    1728 California Ave. S.W. #301
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