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You can start collecting post STAMPS?

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Wikipedia on stamp collecting? What does this have to do with hookah and¬† shisha? You’ll see……..

http://www.gbstamps.co.uk/ Great Britain stamps

http://www.stamps.org/ American philatelic Society



U.S. Post Office stamps org.


National Postal Museum

Some “bull”(the word for stamp in Hebrew is “bull”!!) That is not a “cock and bull” story either.Check it out.

I had this Canadian blue stamp  in my collection as a boy.

This comes in about 7 colours.

This was a 15 minute walk from my home when I lived in Safed,Israel.

Arabic stamps:Hungarian stamp.1878

This is not a stamp, but a modern Lebanese produced hookah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright…are you getting the idea?

We all feel in our wallets, purses pocketbooks, cheques and credit cards the high cost of hookah smoking!!!

But stamp collecting is quite expensive. When I was¬†7 ¬†years old I saw an advertisement in a comic book. “Foreign stamps from all over the world, yours for only 10 cents. (This was in 1960). They showed a randomly strewn spreadout of about 100 post marked stamps. Darn if I was going to start collecting brand new issued mint-stamps.I sent in my 10 cents and got about 50 foreign posted stamps, mostly with the King of Belgia in 4 or 5 colours, and Queen Elizabeth 2 in a few colours all the same exact image on 4 pence stamps. What a variety? I had no stamp book so I put them in a tin can and took them out often.

A few weeks later I was sent another bunch of un-asked for stamps with a few dollar price tag on the bill. In 1961 a $ dollar was worth lots more (and I was only 7!). Since they never told me that they would be sending more at a high price, I sent back the second letter and stamps telling them to cancel. Its like drugs .”Hey, want a bag of “candy”?Its only $10.00. Then when a person craves another hit, the CandyMan has upped the price to $50, then $90, then you have to go scrounging.

So…shisha for a pack of “Nakhla” can cost around $2.40, “Al-Fakher” from¬† around $11-$14, same “Romman” more or less depending if you buy in a store or online, (And don’t forget to look for the silver halogram on the Al-Fakher since their are companies which sell “Al-Fakers”. Really.Same box, different bag inside and no halogram on it. It was brought over in suitcases from various Arab lands. In England mostly¬† were the rip-offs pretty bad.

Bottom line. Good, well made, re-checked quality hookahs should cost a good price, but one can do you for as long¬† as you smoke. You don’t need to start a collection of¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 57 varieties! Coals won’t last, but must be bought as often as you need, shisha as often as you want and according to price, quality, and flavour. One hookah wind cover is enough! As many hoses as you want. Try the new pvc all plastic completely washable hose .It is long, and very flexable. I bought a few. 2 pvc hoses I cut and connected so that I can smoke from afar.


And it is only $10.50!!!Some NEW postage stamps cost that much. Old postage stamps, the collector trade items will cost what the market will bear. Hundreds, thousands of dollars for one little stamp. Your own  piece of history shut up in a book  that can be taken out with pride to show .

Now, let me tell you about my younger brother who started¬† a COIN collection in 1965…….

As W.C. Fields was quoted¬† : “Save your money and buy good whiskey”

The price of a good narghilah?

Some people actually collect whiskey bottles(after they are finished? You can fill them with water and food colouring, or from your used oil change on the car.

Butterfly collection.This would probably buy you 5 years of daily shisha smoking.flag pin collection.

So as I was once quoted” Save your money and buy good shisha”.

My “French collection” :

(Not the spoon)So…”Save your money and buy good shisha”


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