Thursday, October 11th, 2007...5:40 pm


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Every Dancing Fool¬†knows that “T.G.I.F.” stands for “Thank G-D Its Friday”. Party time? How about¬† putting a real live¬† party in your hookah?

No, not beer though you can, but it is going to foam up even more than milk and make it close to impossible to smoke.

People add various percentages of vodka or ¬†arak, ouzo, anis drink (all 3 the same drink) to the water in the bowl to give a kick to your smoking. I even added straight rubbing alcohol once to the water ( truely in the “name of scientific understanding”). It was nice too. You don’t need a lot to¬† add, and to each his own. 2%?. And what you are mainly getting are the dissapated alcohol fumes commin atcha giving the kick so maybe even Old Mad Dog would be nice & fruity tasting too!

You will soon be dancing!

Hookah 1


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