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Do You Marshall Your Soldiers?

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“Monty Python’s World’s FUNNIEST Joke” which wins the War for Great Britain & the Allied Forces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what does all this have to do with HOOKAH & SHISHA?

Here Come the Shisha SOLDIERS !!!!!!!! :

I MARSHALL my soldiers :

I load the ammunition :

I  dress them in armour for the comming battle:

 Are YOU too one of those?

I’m curious to know.

How many shisha smokers do as I often , and load a fright-load of shisha bowls while listening to great music, wrap them up in a nylon sandwhich bag and have your “troops” marshalled for all-out war?

T.¬† ¬†G¬†.¬† ¬†I.¬† ¬†F.¬†¬† Get read for a party! Do you actually think in your brain that by¬† the time the first shisha bowl is prepared you haven’t yet quaffed a beer? By the time its smoked, you could have had your third brew already! And one to say “cheers”. I can’t load anything (almost) after 4 beers, especially all¬† my different shisha flavours, punch holes without ripping the foil, etc.

So I always¬† like to have ready ammunition. Learned that at least in the army. Do you BUY 1 beer at a time, or a 6-pack? Thought so…Maybe even a case of beer, ice them down.

For me to get caught without a ready shisha bowl is like finding that you are out of hot water to shower with , or clean underpants.

Step 1  ready your bowls, step 2  put on some great music  step 3  take your good time filling the bowls step 4  put the foil on  step 5  make the holes, step 6 wrap  in a bag step 7 put in a ready container !

finished and enjoy yourselves!

Hookah 1


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