Do You Marshall Your Soldiers?

“Monty Python’s World’s FUNNIEST Joke” which wins the War for Great Britain & the Allied Forces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what does all this have to do with HOOKAH & SHISHA?

Here Come the Shisha SOLDIERS !!!!!!!! :

I MARSHALL my soldiers :

I load the ammunition :

I  dress them in armour for the comming battle:

 Are YOU too one of those?

I’m curious to know.

How many shisha smokers do as I often , and load a fright-load of shisha bowls while listening to great music, wrap them up in a nylon sandwhich bag and have your “troops” marshalled for all-out war?

T.¬† ¬†G¬†.¬† ¬†I.¬† ¬†F.¬†¬† Get read for a party! Do you actually think in your brain that by¬† the time the first shisha bowl is prepared you haven’t yet quaffed a beer? By the time its smoked, you could have had your third brew already! And one to say “cheers”. I can’t load anything (almost) after 4 beers, especially all¬† my different shisha flavours, punch holes without ripping the foil, etc.

So I always¬† like to have ready ammunition. Learned that at least in the army. Do you BUY 1 beer at a time, or a 6-pack? Thought so…Maybe even a case of beer, ice them down.

For me to get caught without a ready shisha bowl is like finding that you are out of hot water to shower with , or clean underpants.

Step 1  ready your bowls, step 2  put on some great music  step 3  take your good time filling the bowls step 4  put the foil on  step 5  make the holes, step 6 wrap  in a bag step 7 put in a ready container !

finished and enjoy yourselves!

Hookah 1

19 thoughts on “Do You Marshall Your Soldiers?”

  1. I also do this. Like you mentioned the army. Loading 7 or 8 ammo clips times 25 bullets is done all one at a time, but all at once.

  2. Hello Hookah 1,
    I would very much like to offer you a well paying job with benefits starting at $350,000 a year plus commision fees, health plan, retirement, free paid vacations and bonuses with large stock options.
    You have the real makings of a “Captain of Industry”.
    Please contact me immediately at Trump Tower.
    THE Donald Trump

  3. With my background as a solo cellist and part of large symphony orchestras, I have to agree. Yours is quite a good idea.
    Yo Yo Ma

  4. Greetings from the Isle of sunny Jamaica mon.Jus whydonu git yo woman to pack yo bowl up? Tellum she smoke the hubbly bubbly wityu.

  5. Do you also eat 15 plates of chummus at a time? I am quite shocked! This is not to be done in well cultured places.
    Abu Shukrey -Sharif Adnan

  6. And the South will rise again ! You betchya no one on MY Peanut Farm picks one Goober at a time. Can you drive a harvester tractor?
    Billy & Jimmy Carter

  7. You seem to have Marshalled my great war plans. I also do similar. Right about the music too! Try sometime playing “The William Tell Overture” while you pack them in!


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