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“That which we call a ROSE…”

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¬†From the William shakepeare play : Romeo and Juliet “What’s in a name?That which we call a ROSE¬† by any other name would smell as sweet”.

So, how about ROSE Flavoured shisha, you may ask?

Do people still learn Shakespeare?¬† I had to in school and didn’t like it at alll, many times in my life I’ve picked up a book of his and forced myself to try figuring that there MUST be something here in the liturateture. I’ve seenmovies of his works, which of course are the same line by line. And they were written for play on the stage, so maybe just the whole read-thru is hard.

And of what is called “Rose flavoured shisha”?

I’ve had it twice before a few years ago¬† and was flabergasted. It was just so baad, as in “horrible”. Like smoking perfume. One was Al-Faker and one was Romman brand¬† so it wasn’t the shisha brand perse’, but the strange taste.I recieved in my pack order from a free pack of Abed El-Khader shisha “rose”. I¬† get all of the AbedEl-Khader flavours often and they are on the top of my list. Didn’t even know that they made “rose flavour”. So..I tried it as a mix. 50-50 with mint. Terrific! 50-50 with orange, great. With cherry, banana, etc. it¬† is quite exotic. Nothing I would think to smoke straight 100%, but mixed it is rememberal and so fine.

link to see the shisha :

Happy smoking

ROSE Flavoured Shisha ABED EL-KHADER brand.

 Hookah 1 -about to prepare Mint &Rose Abed El Khader mix in a double bowl!


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