The Truly Washable hookah Hose

This real washable hose is for those of us who smoke at home and prefer something that looks like its been stolen off of a WW2jeep engine, but it cleans easily and simply.
Its nothing to look at, cheap to make and cheap for you to buy.
I have seen them here in the Middle East in local stores three years ago. It is simply a piece of plastic pvc which has folds so its extremely agile and the part going into the hookah stem is pure plastic and hard wood simulation, while the smoking section at the other side is very long.
You’d have a hard time wearing it down.
Of course with no porous material on it, its comepletely washable in one part and dries right away.
I have 3 which I often use. You have a wide diameter on this hose and get lots of smoke. It is 100% washable, but looks like a large garden hose.
3 years ago I bought a long length of clear pvc attatched 2 wood pieces from another cheap hose. I liked its long length, but turning the hose rocked even my large heavy hookah.
I also seemed to be getting some weird taste as it heated.Donno.
There are no metal coil supports to rust from water or humidity as in a regular hose, hence no rust particles in your mouth,
Some people claim that the real leather hoses with no coils inside are also washable, but not their wood pieces. Go know.
You’ll pay a lot and maybe find sooner or later that they are leather, but do have metal support wires inside that rust.
If that happens cut off the too wood pieces and use them as earings. The leather can be made into a belt, or as a non-concealed weapon. Nice whip you’ve got there.
Of people who smke a lot the question of “washable hoses” is chancey and dicey at best.
For $30 I’ll sell you a “washable” hose. You must wash it in a soap solution, or boric acid. No returns if it doesn’t work.

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