Chamomile Tea for the water solution

Today I put a very concentrated ammount of cooled off chamomile tea in my bowl instead of water. I boiled 6 bags and let cool.Duh.
Then I added it to the level I like, usually high and tried it.
When putting liquid other than water in the bowl you must add less than normal. Beer, wine, chamomile or regular tea, fruit juice etc. bubble up more Add a bit less water so that your hose does not become a drinking straw. You might like beer, but not now!
I enjoy the taste of chamomile. Regular tea gives me the creeps when I smoke through it, as does Nakhla
Hookah 1 Earl Grey Tea flavour does.
(I drink 15-20 cups of tea a day).
Wash out your bowl well wirh a light solution of soap since tea has tannic acid and leaves a residue the longer it stands as my dear old father taught me 40 years ago.


I used another hookah and went back to the chamomile tea mix and the heat caused it to ferment and taste horrible.

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