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Where do you buy a hookah and tobacco?

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Some of us buy, if they have the luxury to be near an “Ethnic store” their hookahs and tobacco mu’assel there from store owners they know and come back to with faulty hookahs or stale tobacco shisha.
The variety is far from as large and varied as theonline stores, but its maybe a bit cheaper, and maybe close by.
If not, you can go on the www/searchengine , write in “hookah” and you’ve got the gigantic listing of pages of many shisha companies online.
No wonder almost all the companies names start with the word “Hookah”
Hookah, (vive’ la differance’)
Hookah Hub. com
Hukah (a “small” fish joke.) (Authentic company) (Authentic company) (sorry, its Friday) still Friday)

Let me say right here :
in Alaska,the Arctic Circle,Greenland, and Hibbing or Duluth Minnesota you should not smoke your hookah at the beach.Ever.
In the winter you will have a coooool cold smoke, but it will freeze in 4 minutes or less.

In the summer the mosquitos of the north are as big as fruit bats and wombies sometimes. They must be related to zombies too, since a bite from them and they draw a lot of blood,”blood bro”.


  • That’s a great list of sites to purchase hookahs from. Some of them I didn’t know about. My friends and I always thought there should be a hookah lounge in our area. Hopefully one will come soon. In the meantime we’ve set up a hookah themed video blog where we can philosophize to our hearts content to the world, lol. You should come say hi sometime: Dohookah!

  • I forgot. the recent lists I’ve made are going to be added to superbly ,son. I had some “funnies” on my p.c. downloaded the free versions of anti-virus, anti-spyware etc.The virus “withered on the stalk” .
    But my loss is the blog’s gain, since I lost all my favourites and searched for and found all the missing links and added a billion more!
    More photos, more Hookah forums. more of a varied list of hookah companies which I plan to add according to “tobacco list”, “exotic hookah list”,”hookah com. list”.

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