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Have a hookah servant too!

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It seems to me that there ought to be more thought to some interesting tobbaco-shisha heads for those who would like to smoke out of the head of their President, Prime Minister or Queen! This looks like a great idea for a home-made hookah ceramic bowl.

Where do you put the tobbaco?( ABOVE)

Mickey Mouse Pipe head comes with its own case. Nice birthday present for your young son.

Hey hokah industry get up of your as and use some more imagination! The Turkish have ben making¬† Merrschaum Pipes by hand for I don’t know how many centuries, but in 1970 I was only 3 days in Istambul,Turkiya and bought a “Pirate’s Head” Merraschaum pipe for $15 then , probably what would be $30 now. It was not clay, or glazed but pure white and probably machine done! Merraschaum is wondeful material in your hands and a realy coler smoke, but these are pipes, as in “Smoking-Pipes” and we are talking about geting some better head for the hookah pipes.

The below link has even nicer photos, and an explaination of what Merschaum was, and isn’t today.(Acorrding to the article linked, I DID buy a “pressed” merraschaum pipe but it was worth it. At age 17 I didn’t have to impress anyone, and if you saw my nargilahs you would know. I almost always go for a god UGLY useable product rather than a BEAUTIFUL piece of garbage that doesn’t work properly.

Which reminded me of this song from around 1962

“Hey man, I saw yo wife the oder day, mon, she be UGLY”

“Yeah Man, ut she sure can COOK”. I liked it then,I told you I remember al the wrong things from 40-50 years back!

“Never Let a Pretty Girl Marry You” by Jimmy Soul, and that’s Dave Clark the America’s TV DJ. on his right.

Here is another version which reminds me of Lou Reed where he sings

: “And the Coloured girls go boop, boop, boop”

If girl models were fat :

Medet KaraLink to this Link,Linkletter.

So? Are the guys in the hokah producing companies going to mass produce a simple design?

Look what I just found?

I can DO this! And I know someone closeby with a kiln!Glaze it, Heat that one up it’l never break.

Revieve an Oscar and smoke it, too!Who is¬†¬†¬†¬† “Oscar”?

You can’t afford this double-header and here is why :,0125,0344,4015.php

 Of course you need to build it round  and higher. You could use these ideas for nice clay  head bowls home -made.   :

Didn’t sir Isac Newton have a BLONDE wig?And Joan of Arc(Acre-Akko on the Mediterranean Sea West Coast) have purple tint?

“The Servant of Shylock”

Napoleon Bonedog

 Just ideas

¬† “Stick this on your pipe and smoke it”

Hookah 1

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