Nakhla “Special class” shisha review

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Special Shisha review


Some people like Nakhla brand shisha from Egypt, some consider it “dry” shisha and not worth the effort to try.

Its true that Nakhla has a low level of  glycerin in the  shisha mix, but in experimenting a while back, I took some of my favourite flavours and added a bit more glycerin.It normally has around 24%. In adding a teaspon of glycerin to about 25-30 grams to Nakhla I found the taste diminished every time. I guess they have the right mix ratio for their product.


In case you never had these new, special Nakhla exotic tastes, link here to see

Chocomint,Earl Grey ,cinnamon,tropicana,cardamon, and margurita flavours.

The chocomint is wonderful can’t say enough good about it.

Earl Grey (tea) flavour? Well honestly I love Earl Grey Tea  my favourite tea and I drink tea all day, but as a shisha, I found it  to taste too much like tea leaves, no way.

I found this cinnamon much better than others I’ve had, like Al-Sultan cinnamon. Nakhla makes it much better.

Tropicana and Margurita are quite exotic and fine to smoke.

Little Sister Erin

Cardammon (hel) Arabic spice for Turkish Coffee was a good idea on their part no one else makes that, but its way too strong a taste. Maybe mixing it with mint, or coffee would be wise.

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