Monday, July 7th, 2008...3:18 pm

Dizzy, Headaches?

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Did you ever smoke and get a headache or feel nauseous? It¬† has everything with “too much”. There is only 4-5% nicotine in shisha, but if you are smoking bowl after bowl and are seeing double, it means you’ve overdone it.

There is also a case where as soon as you smoke, you have a head or stomach  ache.

That’s while its not good to smoke on an empty stomache. Same with someone who is taking medicine. You need to eat some before smoking.

“Boy, I ‘m so hungry, I could eat a horse”

“That’s better.Now I’ll relax with a hookah smoke”

When I say eat something before smoking the hookah, I don’t mean candy, or a drink, but something solid and substantial¬† that will sit nice on the bottom of your stomach.

“But is he Kosher?”

“Depends if the knife has no defects”.

“Warden, is it true that a condemned man gets to eat a last meal¬† of his ¬†request?¬†¬† ¬†Well I still have a few bodies stashed away in my mother’s freezer”.

“I sure could eat a Big Mac right now”


“Waiter,¬† Iordered chummus with pita bread!”



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