Call to interest for Hookah Smokers?

Found this little posting at the bottom of the “Sacred Narghile” page. Anyone interested?

“International Call for Interest
We plan to set up an INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH AND MEETINGS ON HOOKAH (narghile, shisha, “waterpipe”, “water-pipe”, “hubble-bubble”). Should you be interested in such an initiative, as a researcher, student, (*) or out of mind inquisitiveness, and should you like to participate in it, actively or not, please get in touch with us through the ‚ÄúContact Us‚Äù page at


(*) especially if you are a woman deeply interested in ¬´ gender ¬ª aspects, in other words the complex relations women have, through history, established and maintained with the artefact, from Asia to Africa.”

Sounds sort of shady, but hey, always try something once, right?

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