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So you wanna good hookah buy?  A lot of people are out there hitting the hookah lounges and wishing they could find a good hookah buy so they ould have one of their own to share with friends and the occasional cool family member.

If you are in the market for a fancy hookah that is a good price, and works well, then there are a few things you should look for when you purchase a hookah.  My top three list of things to look for to ensure you get a good hookah buy are as follows:

  1. Choose the right size.¬† Bigger is usually smoother, and small travels easier.¬† If you aren’t sure which to go for, check out my blurb on the subject here.
  2. Get a second opinion.  You may really think that the grateful dead flowery hookah is great, everyone else may not.  Remember, you have to share so get a 2nd opinion.
  3. Make your first hookah buy a memorable experience and buy the charcoal (quick lighting), lots of shisha, and make a bang out of it.  If you would prefer to make your own shisha, you can check out some recipes here.  And hell, if you want to make your own charcoal you can do that too and read up on it at our forum here.
  4. Ok, so this turned out to be four things, but I felt like I should add in that if you are truly looking for a hookah, there is no place better to buy than eBay.¬† And, I’ve made it simple by putting together a specific search that shows only hookah stuff that is all under ten bucks.¬† Can you believe it?¬† Run on over and check it out now…

Enjoy yourself, and make sure to have a great first Hookah Buy.

1 thought on “Hookah Buy”

  1. Make your own charcoal?
    Are u mucho loco or have you been smoking loco weed?
    Too much time and you could burn down your house.
    Either buy some great quick lighting no taste charcoals like the new “Soex” brand which are fantastic with no big, smelly smke that you have to light outside, or buy the nice lemon wood real charcoal for also cheap which will take 3 minutes to light but its worth it.
    And don’t buy “Charcoal Briquettes” which are put on the bar-b-q for food. Its not healthy-its going into your lungs remember!
    Just go online and get your charcoal at a nice price delivered to your pad.
    Of course, money is no problem to ME as you all know, but don’t forget, I grew up all my life poor in the latin ghetto and can’t resist a good deal. I won’t waste my money, even when I recieve hundreds of millions $$$of dollars a year.
    Quite a lot I’ve plowed in charity. But still I know a good deal.
    I buy my stuff on the www/ at Smoking-Hookah.com, or hookah company.com, or hookah and shisha central.
    A Rod


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