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Hookah Videos

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Well, Sascha Baron Cohen seems to be all over the world. And if you think he is doing this for the money, he was  born into a super rich family in Britain. I think he just wants to excersize his talents.

HERE you can see him on a YouTube video making his own line of hookahs…  !!!!!!

Wow! I’ve seen photos of this hookah without lights !

Yet another BIG  shisha  tip from Diego. (He has lots of instructional videos). Thanks Mr. D.  !

I read that the rule is 1 teaspoon per 25 grams !Too much makes it a bit soapy. I have used glycerine on dry shisha. Most shisha has 25% glycerine, unless it dries out. Nakhla brand which is great shisha sometimes  has 20% and if it dries, for sure this is good. For making your own shisha like with tobacco, jelly, honey add 25% glycerine.

¬†Diego’s hose review.

Persue all of his videos! Some are experimental and some instructional .

Hookah 1

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