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Its said that “Females are the weaker sex”, but you try carrying any embryo of any size. Lets see, can you do it? And to wait around for 9 months while the baby is comming to fruitition! You’re mad if the beer isn’t ice cold by the start of kick-off time!

I noticed that these are thick diameter hoses with very large, wide mouthpieces for optimum smoke. Now, I’m giving you a few videos here, after one you’ll basically have the idea, but YouTube has marked the last one as the most titilating video and you MUST confirm your age to see.

How they check on that is beyond me.

I think this proves the theory that smoking shisha improves lung-air-intake, and disproves the notion that shisha smoking can ruin your teeth !

Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image“Who calls us weak-sisters” ?

Hookah 1

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  • P.S. a “weak -sister” is the sports nickname in Baseball for the weakest hitter in the batting line-up, usualy he is there as a great defenceman, but today, with players comming from all over Central America, South America,Japan,,China South Korea etc. its un-nown.Try calling Ichiro-San of Seattlea “Weak-sister” he’s one so far number 2 in average for hitting and his fielding is only amazing. Try selling Placido Polanco the Detroit Tigers terrific second baseman. He is supreme at defence and third in hitting for average right there after Ichiro. While Davido Ortiz is considered a”weak sister” in defence, don’t call him that or you’ll find out how “weak” he is when you go looking for your teeth and bones five miles away!

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