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Marijuana in your pipe?

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Ask anyone who has smoked marijuana in their hookah, the first time was…
The next time they used it for regular flavoured shisha tobacco came a BIG suprise! Ugh!!! The flavours (any and all tasted like fried borscht).
The forums of hookah ALL have people who wrote in saying that they enjoy smoking marijuana, but the hemp resins completely ruin the inside stem shaft of the narghileh. Throw that shaft away. The bottle you can keep.
I am not making any opinions about marijuana here.
There was a nice t.v. commercial by the famous actor of the 50’s and 60’s Tony Curtis who is the father of what-is-her-name? Curtis?
Goes like this :
Tony Curtis with a smile :
“I quit smoking……(smirk)…cigarettes that is”.
So roll your own, buy a regular pipe, etc. But not in the hookah.
There are other things historically and now smoked in the hookah which will not ruin it.Hashish, opium.
They will not affect the pipe.(maybe your life if you’re driving).
There are derivatives of things like salvia and salvia divinorum to be bought online.
Don’t know, never tried.
Stick to tobacco shisha or buy a growing number of brand named Herbal no tobacco, no tar and nicotine smokes like “Black Label” brand, “Soex ” brand.
They even taste great!
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  • He’s right. Its no good deal , completely gums up the metal pipe inside.

  • Arkadi.Geydamak
    June 17th, 2007 at 11:44 pm

    I’ve spent countless millions of dollars $
    buying out marijuana crops. Grow vegetables, more healthy for you.
    Arkadi Geydamak

  • I won’t have anyone on the Deroit Tiger’s team smoing that trash.
    Jim Leyland

  • austin.powers99
    June 18th, 2007 at 9:02 am

    Look sweetheart.
    We had this back in the 60’s, I had my stash stashed in my…briefs, but it didn’t freeze dry when I was put in suspended animation. unfortunately.
    Austin Powers

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