Saturday, June 16th, 2007...9:04 pm

Nifty clay bowls

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Check out the double-head, triple -head bowls, the add water and freeze (very large) bowl here :

Its the best way to get an actual mix, not something funny all-in-the-bowl stuff that will taste so-so.
Here are some more bowls: from Mr. Bill’s


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  • Legendary.Fountain
    June 18th, 2007 at 2:09 am

    Bought this great package deal. I love the double-head bowls. Its the only way to authentically mix and taste both flavors.
    The Bowl that you put water in is terrific, quite big actualy, and honestly cools the smoke. I re-used it a number of times so far and the results are amazing.

    Here I would like to put in a “BEWARE” sign!

    I just found the clay bowl cracked, and when the water melted in my sink, I found out how this darling device is so well made! The bowl is well insulated with extra layers of clay ceramic.
    So how did it crack and break in my freezer?

    I’m renting an apartment that gave a mini refrigerator
    wit a regular sized freezer.
    No matter what number from 1-5 , 5 being the coldest I dial it, it is cold, cold. If I keep drinks inthe lower refrigerator part for a few days, it partialy freezes.
    The owner does’t care, so.

    The main point is if you put the bowl in a REGULAR refrigerator freezer you’l get a grat soke that cools the shisha amazingly well.
    If you put it in the “Deep Freezer” it’ll look like Austin Powers , in suspended animation for 35 years!!!And probably crack.
    Legendary Fountain

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