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New Hose with my new idea

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Hereis the “” Israeli site online store, which I would not have used, but it seems that the plastic pvc hose which I wanted to show you might be sold out?

“” is contantly bring in new innovative ideas and re-planning while ordering more of the good stuff.

All the hoses here are terrific. I mainly like the Syrian hoses,

but from “Egypt” (probably Hong Kong, nu, so what?) comes the worlds only truly washable hose.

PVC plastic, 100%. Its very elastic and moves in any direction without thought of  knocking down  your hookah.

No bad aftertaste which in many hoses last forever, tremendous draw and lots more smoke. I am smoking 3 comparable narghilot now with three hoses to compare, and the pvc hose is by far the best.

What I have done is simply to connect 2 hoses and I have a

270mm hose (2  meters and 70 mm).     In inches its 80 inches which in feet long : 6.666666feet long. As long as your typical basketball player almost.

You could easily put your hookah out the window and smoke inside with no one being the wiser.

Its great around the camping fire,  you can be very flexable.

There  are no metal supports to rust  out powder like in your mouth. Just  ribbed  pvc plastic in green, blue, black and grey.

To make the connection I at first just inserted one of the long ends into the pvc of the second hose,  which left me the long hard plastic shaft in the middle which made it unwieldly. So I cut out with a serated kitchen knife  (or saw) 23 mm or 7 inches and re-attatched.

The  7 inches or so to be cut should of course come from the plastic COLOURED handle, , not the brown connection to the hookah itself.

Tose who are brave and foolish might like to take out  and despence with the coloured mouthpiece and tape the black or green ribbed hose together.

I worked on a farm in the Israeli desert¬† for¬† more than 3 years¬† in 1974-78 after the army utilizing the new Israeli invented and produces water hose lines. You need a “muffah” which is a connection between twosimilar sized pipes or them being the same size will never make an air-tight conection. At any rate, even I used some colourful electric tape onthe already well done connection.

I’m quite pleased to be writing this blog! Hookah and making innovations, plus discussing other people’s better ideas as well as procurring great shisha products and smoking are a big hobby of mine!

Hookah 1

I imagine that a 6.66666 foot hose cools the smoke more along the way, and what is strang, there is absolutely no more effort to draw a toke on it, since the diameter opening is very big!

I couldn’t get the photos from the site, it won’t “allow”, but if you go to this link and check for whay obviously look like 5 cloured plastic hoses, you’ll get the idea.

Washing is a sinch and no aftertast from coal or previous tobacco used. Lightweight too.

(If you also cut the 7 inch extra¬† hard plastic rod which is used as a long smoking stem, try drilling a few holes in it and you’ll have a homemade musical pipe!

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