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The Quickest way to ready your natural coals

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I bought natural coals from “” along with the coal holder that has a bottom compartment and smal holes on the top level.

I don’t have gas in the house so I put my coals in the coal carier onto¬† myelectic plate.¬† Boy, did I have to wait a very long time for nothing!

I had the idea of using a toaster grate (don’t own a toaster),¬† which have very large spaces to toast the bread onthe hotplate.

In minutes I had burning coals,  turned my grate over to the other side for  a minute, and the natural coals came out perfect.

Of course with a gas ring you can do the same.

I like the natural taste of wood coals.

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  • This is what we have been doing for thoudands of years. If we don’t find wood for charcoal which is scarce in desert area, we use the dry donkey and Kamel droppings which are very pungent, give good heat and good smell too.

  • Most of the “Third World People” heat their houses with donkey, cow or deied camwl dung. Lots of good fermented gasses in it, and its free. Maybe I’lkk give it a try, I live on a farm village with sheep,cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, chickens,goats, roosters,etc. Since it is hot out, the stuff dries our quickly.I think I’ll check out the horse barn and get some to spread and dry out.
    Lots of people here use it as they only allow organic farming here.
    Home grown.
    I think I’ll try

  • I bought the same coal holder… And I have gas ring in my house…
    So question now is… should I put natural coal in coal holder and then the coal holder up the gas?

    Or I should burn coal and just later put in the coal holder?
    How many pieces of natural coal should I get to smoke for a couple of hours?
    thanks for the reply

  • Hello Francesco !
    Thanks for writing. By putting the coal on the gas ring it is the best, but its going to make so much very fine particles of black soot on your table or counter. My stone counter right this moment is full of it. Looks like the air in Mexico City at 7:30 AM !
    So I haven’t cleaned it yet. For the 3rd time, just yesterday, I took a very cheaply priced 2 kilo bag of natural vegetable material coals that I tried on my heater to light with little succsess. By your name, I’ll bet that you can translate and tell me if this is dangerous to smoke. Its a bit heavier than the hookah coals.
    Here :
    Humedad 8%
    Rango Carbano 60% A 70%
    Rango Volatiles 20% A 30%
    Rango Cenizas 4% A 12%
    This I do understand :Ideal Para Parrilla Y Asador.Yeah baby. Bar b Que time by El Ranchos.
    The next part is in Spanish and same in english :
    only use CUBE Firelighters for a safe and easy lighting.
    After approximately 20 minutes you will have a good fire running.
    Don’t move the embers.
    The fire should last approximately 4 hours.
    WARNING Do Not Use Indoors Without A Good Ventilation System.
    No Encender Fuego En Lugares Cerrados Sin Ventilacion.
    (In retrospect I can find 78 resons in any language to slay an ox (By Fatwa AND Kosher), so all can join in and have an Asador Y Amigos !
    I’ll go back to the charcoal I bought from !
    Hookah 1

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