Why you little…Brat!


What’s going on? We have just recently made our wondorous FaceBook site page and (I know) you haven’t logged in and joined.

I just look at the numbers. I won’t mention names but I mean you.

 and you 2 also.

Hey all you shisha smokers

All ya truck drivers spinnin them 18 wheels

In one of these cuties you can set up any size hookah that you want and I promise it won’t tip over!

Actually, I’d rather be a truck driver than just writing a shisha forum, The U.S.A. coast to coast has lots of room to truck from point to point.Just load up, take a few bennies and fly for a few days before unloading. Here in Israel the roads east to west¬† are at most an hour and a half. from north to south with one or two stops is 7 hours I’d be loading and unloading 3 or 4 times a day so forget that.

And you “Borrowed Angels”, you too.

(Nice song, click on the large photo).

You florists reading this-you can join

Firepeople in your Unisex uniforms



You mothers


even u

you can…¬†not

Go to FaceBook look under

groups, click write hookah, click and look for the shisha¬† dwarf¬† “Shisha.Bubbly”

look for me

7 thoughts on “Why you little…Brat!”

  1. Friends, its true. Sneaky Pete Kleinow better clean up his language.
    He is better known as the pedal steel guitar of the “Byrds” one of the most famous bands of the early and middle 60’s, later the country -rock Flying Burrito Brothers”, has played on Gram Parsons’s solo albums and with former members of “The Band” who backed up Bob Dylan for many years.
    since he is asking $800 per gig to play at parties, I’d like to ask for a fat kick-back too (from Pete), tho I have the Sneaky feeling that our hookah forum member is not THE Pete Kleinow, but just his “sneaky pete” username such as people use “Abraham Lincoln2603@ExcuseMyBadBreath.net“. In the meantime, I am going to light up and smoke some …shisha that is.


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