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Smoking a Hookah in the Bathroom of Your Cubicle Job: How to Puff Away While Getting Paid and What to Do If you Get Caught

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Yes.¬† You’ve all thought about doing it.¬† Having a hookah at work

You say: “The british have their tea parties, why can’t we smoke a hookah?”

The answer is you can, and heres how.

  • Step 1: Buy a hookah
  • Step 2: Take it to work.
  • Step 3: Find a nifty little place in the bathroom where you can stash it during the day.¬† If you have a little cleaning supplies uper the sink or something, thats always a great place.¬† You might want to keep it in a trashbag during this time.
  • Step 4: Waste a few minutes of your time making a little sign that reads that the bathroom is closed and then sneak in with your hookah-friendly office mates and post the “Bathroom in service” sign on the door.
  • Step 5: Light up, have a fine time releasing the stress of the day.¬† Build some office moral!

And, just in case you get caught, you can always claim explain the health benefits of blowing off stress.  Enjoy!

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